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اPraise be to Allah, Who taught by the pen, Taught man that which he did not know, and prayers and peace be upon the best teacher known to mankind, Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him and his family

In this young university, especially  when we are at the first step  of its inception, we had to chart ourselves a path that differs  from the rest of the other  universities. We have intended, after Allah's help ,to build the scientific edifice that could be a bridge for students and generations of knowledge to cross over to various sciences .we decided  to build this edifice on basis of modern technology as  it is the most important tools in our present age that the learner must know  very well to own the future keys. The technology also has dominated over all fields of life, The technical tools have occupied every  place of the world

We feel responsibility towards our young generations, and we have to open and widen their horizons of knowledge, and offer them all new and useful idea and achievements to draw their prospects of a bright future; to make them blocks in the entity of the nation that helps drawing hopes of a better future; it is not acceptable that our young generations remain in isolation from the modern methods and learning tools of  technology that became a global standards and varied tools..

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